What   do   our   students   &   parents   say?

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What do our students say?

"The teachers are really nice. We get to go on field trips where we can discover new things. I love to write stories and read. I enjoy writing drafts for English. My teacher is always trying to help us and she's so nice."     - U'i O.

"My favorite part about Hanalani is that it is a Christian school. We believe in God, and we get to pray to Him. P.E. is my favorite class. I also like Bible class. My teacher always has a smile on her face, and she is never in a bad mood."     - David H.

"My favorite part about Hanalani is that they tell us about Jesus. I love science. We get to do experiments. Right now we are learning about space, and that is my favorite! My teacher is a lot of fun and she does cool stuff with us."     - David P.

"I really enjoy the faculty and staff at Hanalani. They help us learn and give us a good education. My favorite thing to do in class is work in groups. Working with our partners helps us to learn things we don't know. I like how my teacher interacts with all of the students. We're not too big and not too small, so we can get around campus easily."     - Isaiah A.

"I like that Hanalani is not super strict. There is a good structure. I really like our class activities. We play a lot of games that help us learn. My teacher gives us quiet time and plays music that helps us concentrate while we work in our study halls. My teacher is fun and friendly."     - Will H.

"I like that the teachers treat all the students the same. There is no favoritism. The teachers have good attitudes. My favorite thing to do in the classroom is collaboration. We get to work together a lot, and that helps us work well with our peers. I like that my teacher is open to suggestions. She loves student input. I've been to 3 different schools, but this is the only school I've actually loved going to."     - Kaila L.

"Everyone here is friendly...the whole environment. The teachers help during class study time and are always making us laugh."     - Gabe E.

What do our Alumni say?

"The most important thing Hanalani did for me was providing a solid Chiristian foundation to carry me through my college years and beyond. I had the opportunity to develop close relationships with my teachers and the rest of the staff. They served as role models who lived an example from which I could learn and emulate."     - Mark Kawamoto, '88

"I can honestly say that without Hanalani, I would not be where I am today. Because of the skills I learned at Hanalani from Kindergarten through 12th grade, I was able to graduate with a 3.8 GPA from Hawaii Pacific University. With the help of my teachers, I was able to secure a full-ride scholarship to HPU for my bachelor's degree, which translated into a 75% scholarship for my master's degree. I definitely think that Hanalani is an excellent college-prep school."                             - Nicole Kato, '07

"Hanalani helped prepare me academically as well as spiritually. The teachers would push me to do my best and to take pride in the work that I was doing at school. Once I got to college, I was ready for the workload of my first year. The faith that the leaders show to the students really encourged us to go and do the things that we did not think we would ever do. Even though I did not want to go to Hanalani at first, Hanalani helped me to grow into the man that I am today; and I am thankful for that!"     - Elias Storhaug, '95

"While at Hanalani, I got focused attention which helped me to clarify the misunderstandings I had allowing me to move quickly from confusion to clarity rather than dwelling on the problem. I am thankful for the staff and teachers. They really cared for me and pushed me to do the best that I could. If it wasn't for the staff, I probably would not have tried out for Varsity Basketball, but their encouragement turned into 4 years of being a part of the team."     - Matthew Simbre, '09

"I am most thankful for the staff at Hanalani. I was not a Christian when I first enrolled into the school. However, many of the staff there helped me to understand what it truly means to be a Christian. It was through the staff that I came to accept Christ. It was truly a blessing to be around fellow believers. Just being around Christian teachers and students was an encouragement."             - Michael Twu, '96


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