The Early Childhood (EC) Division builds on the learning and developmental foundation begun in the home. The K3/K4 program lays a solid foundation for future educational success by encouraging a positive school experience developing readiness skills, and cultivating a love of learning within each child. 

Teachers prepare a fun, positive, and nurturing daily schedule full of activities that address the developmental needs of the child. Activities include large and small group times, individual work, one-on-one time with the teacher, student-chosen learning center activities, and outdoor playtime. Parents are informed of class objectives and activities through the weekly home notes and are encouraged to reinforce newly acquired skills at home. 

In the EC classes, students are introduced to basic Bible concepts and stories. Students are taught that Jesus loves everyone and that He gave His Word the Bible, as a guide for life. The development of Christian Character, self-control, and healthy habits is emphasized. Students are also provided with a variety of learning experiences that promote the development of social skills and manners, academic skills and concepts, and physical and creative development. Students are encouraged to always do their best. 

Hawaii Private School Elementary Principal early childhood preschool principal  Christian private preschool

Bonnie Lee, Lower School Principal

(808) 625-0737 x451


Heather Talmage, Vice Principal

(808) 625-0737 x450

Susanne Martin, Secretary

(808) 625-0737 x118

K3 Private Preschool Teacher                 K3 Private Preschool Teacher


Amy Webb, K3

Shirley Neumann, K3


K4 Private Preschool Teacher

Miray Mongeon, K4

Kristi Okura, K4

Roni Wester, K4

 Private School Teacher


Richard DeLizo, Specialty- P.E. 

  Betty Tazono, Specialty- Music   Hirut Sacayan, Specialty- Librarian 

preschool after school care


Jennifer Black, After School Care 

 Maggie Campbell, Teacher's Aid  


 The Elementary program builds on the foundation laid in the Early Childhood (EC) Division. 

K5 is a special year of transition from the EC to the Elementary level. Developmentally, K5 children are still much like preschool children; however, they mature quickly during the school year. K5 students develop increasingly higher levels of individual responsibility and self-control that are needed to be successful in first grade and beyond. 

Elementary teachers design exciting developmental opportunities that are enjoyable and age appropriate. To address a variety of learning styles, teachers use a variety of teaching methods, which emphasize a practical hands-on approach to learning, such as manipulatives, experiments, technology, and demonstrations. The school's curriculum is based on three pillars: Core Knowledge, Critical Sills, and Christian Character, which we refer to as Acadmenics +. The faculty use Core Knowlege material to create learning opportunities for 21st Century Skills: critical and analytical thinking, creativity and adaptability, communication skills (written, oral, digital, arts), collaboration skills, citizenship in a digital world, and cultural competency. Teachers integrate Bible principles to nurture the heart of each child. 

Hawaii Private School Elementary Principal early childhood preschool principal  Christian private preschool

Bonnie Lee, Lower School Principal

(808) 625-0737 x451


Heather Talmage, Vice Principal

(808) 625-0737 x450

Reina Heirs, Secretary

(808) 625-0737 x120

   K4 Private Preschool Teacher  


 Cecily Fanning K5

Sally Rogers, K5

Desiree Johnson, K5


K4 Private Preschool Teacher K4 Private Preschool Teacher

Melissa Bendo,1st Grade

Erin Sowers, 1st Grade

Elsa Valentini, 1st Grade

 Elementary Private school teacher


Alice Webber, 2nd Grade

 Julie Chang, 2nd Grade   Kathleen Suzuki, Grade 2



Christina Loo, 3rd Grade

Kristen Stoker, 3rd Grade  
 lower school teacher



Wendy Ah Quin, 4th Grade 

Ashley Kephard, 4th Grade  

 lower school teacher


Sara Boehm, 5th Grade 

 Arnel Dagiuo, 5th Grade  


Jason Huang, 6th Grade

Melissa Lemon, 6th Grade   


Rachel Salter, After School Care

Jonathon Eoute, Specialty- Art  


 Betty Tazono, Specialty- Music

Hirut Sacayan, Specialty- Librarian  Kelsie Heusinger, Specialty- Eco Lab

Elementary Private school teacher

Private School Teacher Private School Teacher

Janelle Phillips, Specialty- Technology

Andre Mongeon, Specialty- P.E.  Richard DeLizo, Specialty- P.E.


The Upper School program is designed to be the capstone of a well-rounded, rigorous, and relevant education. The Upper School curriculum challanges students to develop according to the schoolwide goals. 

As a university preparatory school, Hanalani promotes academic and personal excellence. As a distinctively Christian school, students establish a Christian worldview, Christian Character, and 21st Century Skills to be effective community leaders. The essential 21st Century Skills include critical and analytical thinking, creativity and adaptability, communication skills (written, oral, digital, arts), collaborative leadership skills, citizenship in a digital world, and cultural competency. 

Beyond core classes (Bible, mathematics, science, history, and English), a variety of electives and co-curricular activities are offered to develop Critical Skills and Christian Character. With diligence, determination, and self-discipline, students will have the tools to be successful as they pursue their dreams and future.

To enhance a student's college application, student may graduate with special recognition diplomas in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and/or Communication & Fine Arts.

Upper School students are required to bring a laptop or a tablet for class assignments. Please refer to the Handout, "BYOD: Guidlelines," for specifications and policies. 

 high school principal    

Winston Sakarai, Upper School Principal

Upper School Office

(808) 625-0737 x452

Charles Heirs, Dean of Students

Upper School Office

(808) 625-0737 x240

Liz Arrieta, Secretary 

Upper School Office

(808) 625-0737 x125

Jessica Mountz, Science

Philip Dalhausen, Science Alyse Sugimoto, Applied Science, Sci. Fair

Michael David, Science/App. Engineering

Kelsie Heusinger, Science/ Eco Lab Benjamin Mountz, Science/ Video

Chenfu Chiang, Math/ Robotics

Glenn Morisawa, Math Corey Colosky, Math




Nathan Ramos, Technology/ Video

 Justin DeLizo, Online/ Robotics/ Yearbook

David Kephart, App. Engineering / English


 Darron Kato, Math/ Music

Terry Feliz, English  Tracie Murao, Online/ English

Mark Leeper, Technology/Math

Christian Bendo, Bible/ History  Shannon Grady, History 


Melissa Leeper, History 

David Graef, Spanish/ English  Thomas Lemon, Economics 



 Yumiko Mattison, Japanese

 Barbie Kabasawa, English/Japanese  Robert Black, ESL/ World Studies



Tim Pardine, Bible 

 Jon Chilcote, Bible   Jonathon Stoker, Bible

Chris Salter, Art

Nathan Sugimoto, Music  Alexandria Arrieta, Music

Athletics Director

Andre Mongeon, P.E.  Nicole Craig, Gym Manager 

Hirut Sacayan, Librarian

Rochelle Sakurai, Academic Counselor  Amanda Ramos, Athletics/ Bible 

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